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Introducing Bernstein for law firms – A better way to manage your clients’ IP
Bernstein, a German software product, is a powerful white label tool for lawyers and law firms to help manage their clients’ intellectual property, and differentiate their services. They have just started operations in India.
How Lexel is making waves with litigation management software in India and beyond

Read about how Lexel, a litigation management platform, is making it easier for law firms to manage their litigation process, reduce costs, increase speed, and achieve better results.

Legal Kart launches new ‘Talk Now’ feature to address surge in cases due to COVID

The feature is their attempt to easy, immediate legal access to people without having to rely on misinformed advice from friends, families, or the internet.

Legal Tech Content Marketing: 3 Crucial Ingredients for Lead-Capturing Blogs
B2B buyers today spend more time reviewing information online before even reaching out to vendors. Unfortunately, too many legal tech vendors sabotage this opportunity by churning out self-aggrandizing content that just fills space and turns off readers.
How Presolv360 is simplifying dispute resolution

While people have accepted the way court cases move, an innovative home-grown legal tech startup chose to take matters in their own hands and have built an antidote to the problem.

Introducing LegalPay: Helping lawyers get paid on time

Indian lawyers have been fighting another epidemic for decades: non-payment of fees from their clients, with many of them having to write off up to 6% of their revenues due to failed payments. LegalPay has a solution.

On building fully autonomous contracts: Interview with Anand Babu

Koncord Law intends to bring completely autonomous contracts as a smart solution to enable automated contract enforcement - a machine that has the ability to analyse & interpret contracts.

On marketing legal tech, sales success and the need to be human: Interview with Leah Presser

An interview with legal tech marketing expert Leah Presser who shares her views on the market readiness for legal tech, changing habits in legal tech buying, and the need to be human.

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