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Smart contracts explained: Are you ready for the future of legal agreement?

Need smart contracts explained? Learn about what smart contracts are, who uses them, for what reasons, and how they might impact the legal profession.

Why You Should Apply to the Agami Prize

The Agami Prize serves to support and catalyse such ideas in 3 categories – Industry, Citizenship and Idea. In this post, Sachin Malhan, co-founder of Agami, answers some common questions about applying for the coveted prize.

Digital transformation in law: People, processes, and technology
The coronavirus pandemic is helping us move mountains and end the inertia plaguing the legal sector. But if we are truly serious about not letting the crisis go to waste, we have to move beyond Zoom and WebEx.

Understanding change management in law firms

While many law firms are attempting to drive change internally, there’s a number of them doing it unsuccessfully. In this post, the author analyses how to approach change management in law firms by using the ‘legal innovation success pyramid’'.

Why law firms are starting in-house incubators

Law firms’ initiatives with incubators are more than simply efforts to position themselves as harbingers of disruptive innovation. Here are a few reasons that explain the reasons for this hot trend.

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