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Innovating justice delivery through technology: Lessons for India from Dutch Courts [Q&A with Dory Reiling]
Dory Reiling Ph.D. Mag.Iur. is an independent judicial reform expert specialising in the application of technologies in courtrooms. ILT was privileged to be able to interview Dory about some of the challenges currently faced by Indian courts and what lessons might be learnt from best practices in the Netherlands.
AI in the Indian judiciary: 8 solutions to our current struggles

India’s access to justice crisis cannot be solved through human correction alone. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can make a big difference in the Indian judiciary. Here are 8 ways in which I think that can happen.

Why You Should Apply to the Agami Prize

The Agami Prize serves to support and catalyse such ideas in 3 categories – Industry, Citizenship and Idea. In this post, Sachin Malhan, co-founder of Agami, answers some common questions about applying for the coveted prize.

How Presolv360 is simplifying dispute resolution

While people have accepted the way court cases move, an innovative home-grown legal tech startup chose to take matters in their own hands and have built an antidote to the problem.

Strengthening Indian Courts with Technology

An overview of how technologies like machine translation, speech recognition, big data, machine learning, A.I., and blockchain can upgrade India’s courts and bridge the access to justice gap and improve efficiency.

Why India’s modern families need Online Dispute Resolution

Millennials like to resolve their disputes as quickly as they possibly can. But when their families are subjected to court machinery that is hundreds of years old, it not only causes immense frustration but worse — it becomes the breeding ground for more disputes.

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