Legal Kart launches new ‘Talk Now’ feature to address surge in cases due to COVID
Legal Kart launches new ‘Talk Now’ feature to address surge in cases due to COVID

The outbreak of the Coronavirus and the repeated lockdown extensions have caused many businesses to shut shop, employees losing jobs, contracts getting terminated, and the number of reported domestic violence cases seeing an unfortunate spike.

In order to address this sudden surge in cases, legal tech startup LegalKart has launched a new ‘Talk  Now’ feature for people looking for immediate legal assistance. With this feature, Legal Kart is trying to ensure that those in need of legal assistance can have easy, immediate access to a certified legal professional without having to rely on misinformed advice from friends, families, or free information on the internet.

In the last 2 months, Legal Kart has witnessed a huge surge of stressed calls from women and men related to family and marriage issues, and also young people losing jobs with unpaid salaries. Since the outbreak, LegalKart has served more than 4,000 individuals from more than 300 cities from across the country.

The kind of advice most sought via this instant communication service ranges from job termination, consumer protection, divorce, domestic violence, property matters, money recovery, cheque bounce, corporate issues, etc.

The service claims complete confidentiality of the individual who can choose to remain anonymous, if they like, and choose not to display their phone number to the lawyer. Lawyers advising on the phone are instructed not to ask any personal questions related to the identity, asset details, transactions, and residential address of the individual seeking help. etc.

Commenting on the service, Dr. Arvind Singhatiya, Founder and CEO of Legal Kart, said “Legalkart as a brand strives to provide its customers the power to make informed decisions during unfavorable situations like job loss, rental issues, family matters, money recovery, inability to pay financial interest/dues etc. We wish to make Talk Now a habit for every Indian going through any kind of legal stress. This will save a lot of their time and money and help in taking the right decision before initiating a legal procedure”.

Founder and CEO of Legal Kart, Dr. Arvind Singhatiya

The feature is currently available at a discount to help those in need during the COVID pandemic.

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