Launch announcement: Introduction to Indian Legal Tech
Launch announcement: Introduction to Indian Legal Tech

Hello, world! 🙌

Namit here, founder of

Legal tech in India has grown from being a nascent industry ten years ago to become a much more organized market today.

Yet, as it stands, there is no singular place where entrepreneurs in legal tech and participants in the ecosystem can communicate with each other and share ideas about the complexities and opportunities of building legal tech in India.

I am launching with the hope that it can be such a resource.

Quick Background

I have been in touch with many entrepreneurs creating innovative solutions for the Indian legal industry. While one can draw many patterns and trends about the state of the market, something that stood out most was a shared view that legal tech in India is a disconnected and unorganized community.

I soon realized that many of them lack of such a platform for content sharing and community building that we don’t have a dedicated content and community platform in India that is dedicated to tying the legal tech ecosystem together.

ILT’s mission is, therefore, to bridge this gap by promoting research, opinions, exchange of ideas, and hopefully become a core contributor to the development of the Indian legal tech space.

What to expect

  • Interviews with founders of Indian legal tech companies: The interviews will help bring a more ground-level context and real-world opinions from entrepreneurs who are actually doing the grind.

  • Articles relating to the development of the sector as on whole, opportunities in the Indian legal tech space, the challenges, hard realities, and actionable insights into building a successful business or career in this niche.

  • Research projects, papers, and reports.

Roadmap for the first half of 2020

  • Publish around 20-30 interviews

  • Put together a white paper or eBook with the intention of mapping the Indian legal tech market

  • Bring together an organic community of Indian legal tech companies to promote peer learning and networking opportunities

  • Set up a ‘Legal Tech Index’ of Indian businesses and improve the accuracy of the database

  • Become profitable. So far my costs are hardly $100 a month, but I may soon onboard a VA to assist with outreach, transcribe interviews, and share content via ILT’s newsletter.

Reach me

  • If you’d like me to get in touch with me, whether to contribute a piece of content or to discuss some other kind of collaboration, you can reach to me at

  • If you’d like to contribute a guest post or article, do the same thing.

  • Sign up for ILT’s newsletter here.

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