Cyril Amarchand announces Prarambh 2.0, it’s flagship legal tech incubator: Here’s all you need to know
Cyril Amarchand announces Prarambh 2.0, it’s flagship legal tech incubator: Here’s all you need to know

Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas, apart from being India’s leading law firm, has also come to be acclaimed as a pioneer in India’s legal tech space. This is thanks to its popular legal tech incubator ‘Prarambh’, which was the first institutional and organized initiative of its kind to bolster legal tech innovation in India. 

Since its launch last year, this initiative has been widely credited internationally for putting India’s legal tech developments on the global stage. 

Announcement of Prarambh 2.0: Second cohort of its legal tech incubator 

Earlier today, the firm announced the launch of the second edition of the legal tech incubator which will be a 10-week virtual programme. The incubator is set up under the aegis of CAM’s Innovation Lab

The firm is inviting early stage legal technology startups to pitch for admission in the incubator, and offers substantial institutional resources to the selected startups — mentorship, technological infrastructure, physical space, networking, and more. 

The focus 

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic and law firms across the country working virtually, the programme this year is virtual and is much shorter (10-weeks). 

The firm’s focus is to help startups develop practical business solutions which can be used in law firms, corporate legal departments, judiciary and by independent practitioners. The firm has a panel of experts and mentors who will work closely with the startups in enhancing and testing their products, and will also focus on other skills which will help them sharpen their business acumen.

Changed realities 

With the legal industry having to drastically change its ways since the outbreak of COVID-19 and being forced to go digital overnight, CAM is walking the talk by making the incubator virtual in all respects. Mr. Cyril Shroff, managing partner of the firm, said:  

“Innovation is one of the cornerstones of CAM’s foundation and we believe it is key to success in the post-COVID world. With remote working emerging as the new normal, it has become integral for [the] legal industry along with other industries to take a step towards technological upgradation and innovation. After implementing methods that use artificial intelligence and machine learning, we are already halfway through and will only go forward from here.”

Available slots 

According to sources, the firm is looking to select 3-4 high potential startups based on a comprehensive evaluation process. However, due to the virtual nature of the programme in this edition, it is possible that the firm ends up admitting more startups in the scheme. 

Quoting Komal Gupta, the Chief Innovation Officer at CAM and the head of Prarambh: 

With the second cohort being virtual, we hope to reach out to a larger number of startups across the country, enable them to perfect their products in the ten weeks at Prarambh and empower them to transform the legal industry.

In the first edition, over 50 legal tech startups had applied to be a part of this programme, and at least two rigorous rounds of selection were held in the firm’s Lower Parel office. After the rounds of selection, 3 Indian companies — LegalMind, Leegality, and JRTC Intern were selected to join the programme in October 2019.

Important dates  

  • Applications open: 12 October 2020 
  • Applications close: 25 October 2020 

Duration of the programme

  • 10 weeks 


The applicant startups should either be in the development stage and / or should be ready-to-scale. The business / product should be focused on the following broad areas of application: 

  • Improving access to justice
  • Increasing transactional efficiencies
  • Improving law firm operations
  • Improving litigation competencies
  • Accessing government programs and reforms
  • Enabling remote workforce operations

More details about CAM’s legal tech incubator

According to sources at CAM, more specific details about the application procedure and FAQs should be released within the next 1-2 weeks. 

As and when these updates go live, I will update this article to reflect the latest information. 



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