The end of lawyers? GPT-3’s impact on the legal profession
GPT-3 is a revolutionary technology, but will it realistically revolutionize the legal profession? Here’s a look at how AI language tools might affect lawyers in the future.
The difference between legaltech and lawtech
The terms may sound the same, but the legal tech v law tech debate has some meaningful implications. Read on to discover why the experts think this is so.
10 active legal tech investors in India

Here’s a list of 10 leading legal tech investors in India, the legal tech startups they have invested in, and a bit about their deals.

AI in legal services: Past, present, and future

Artificial Intelligence is now gaining immense popularity in the legal sector. World over, AI is changing the way we do legal practice, conduct business, perform legal processes, and handle clients. This article provides a brief history of AI in law, an overview of its current applications in the legal industry, and some thoughts on its future in the profession.

AI in law: The merits and the ethics

No doubt, AI is revolutionizing our lives. But at the same time, we do need to pay heed to its ethical concerns. An amalgamation of law and ethics is what leads to justice in the true sense. The question is: does the integration of AI in law lead to a compromise on ethics?

Legal Tech in India: Changing Paradigms

While AI may or may not take over the world, many from the legal fraternity are of the opinion that AI is out there to snatch their jobs. Truth cannot be any further. At least for the foreseeable future, AI even at its best remains an assistive technology.

Amazon enters the legal industry

Amazon will act as a legal service provider that connects brands to a trusted pool of IP law firms and avail quick and cost-effective legal help. Services such as copyright and trademark registrations, filings, IP protection strategies will make ease it convenient for sellers to get personalized solutions for their brands.

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