Month: March 2020

Strengthening Indian Courts with Technology

An overview of how technologies like machine translation, speech recognition, big data, machine learning, A.I., and blockchain can upgrade India’s courts and bridge the access to justice gap and improve efficiency.

AI in law: The merits and the ethics

No doubt, AI is revolutionizing our lives. But at the same time, we do need to pay heed to its ethical concerns. An amalgamation of law and ethics is what leads to justice in the true sense. The question is: does the integration of AI in law lead to a compromise on ethics?

Understanding change management in law firms

While many law firms are attempting to drive change internally, there’s a number of them doing it unsuccessfully. In this post, the author analyses how to approach change management in law firms by using the ‘legal innovation success pyramid’'.

Why India’s modern families need Online Dispute Resolution

Millennials like to resolve their disputes as quickly as they possibly can. But when their families are subjected to court machinery that is hundreds of years old, it not only causes immense frustration but worse — it becomes the breeding ground for more disputes.

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